About Me

A little bit of information about me, Andi Barker

I discovered the wonderful benefits of Reiki Healing in 2010, after being diagnosed with tendonitis in my shoulder. I learnt it was all about channelling universal energy into your body to help it heal naturally.

Spending my life surrounded my plants and being in touch with the magic of mother nature, I wanted to learn more. So my healer introduced me to his Reiki Master Teacher, whose lineage goes back to Mikao Usui. 18 months later I had been attuned to the universal energy and was a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner. I continue to practise Reiki on myself and love the improved new me with a new respect for my mind body and soul.

With this new respect, I connected with many conventional, alternative and complementary practitioners on the Isle of Man and by chance found myself on a one-day training course which would help me with some emotional issues. How could someone get me to eat a piece of chocolate then do some tapping and 20 minutes later not want another piece was amazing!! I was sold. So with an appetite for learning more, rather than chocolate, I signed up for the next level and a few months later in 2014, I had completed the Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Certificate. As part of my ongoing development I tap on myself daily even on a small issue.

In 2016, my hunger for learning more had returned and was drawn to further develop my Reiki knowledge. I studied and was attuned to the powerful Kundalini Reiki energy with my Reiki Master Teacher. As a Kundalini Reiki Master,Practitioner I channel this energy when needed during a Usui Reiki session.

Continuing Professional Development is important to me and I attend training courses on and off island and keep up to date with many new 
developments and techniques. I have recently completed training in Matrix Reimprinting which has evolved from EFT.

During the training which included many hours of practical work, I discovered my core belief which I have carried through life and has influenced many of my decisions. As a result I worked with Karl Dawson and other Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners to changed my beliefs and perspectives. In turn my energies have changed and I have been blown away by how my life has change for the better. It is so simple.

I am passionate about helping others improve their health and wellbeing and delight in seeing the improvement in many of my clients, sometimes within a matter of minutes.


Andi has an in depth knowledge of energy healing. At the worst, an appointment with Andi will leave you feeling very relaxed, but the chances are that, after one or a series of appointment (depending on circumstances) you will see some improvement on those niggling little health woes that usually we self-medicate with varying degrees of success. Andi is friendly and professional and I am certainly looking forward to my next, and somewhat overdue, appointment.

– Caroline Smith


Lovely lady, very intuitive…up there with bill tucker

– Felix Fushia Joughin


Andi knows her stuff and is a lovely person who puts you at ease. Looking forward to my next session x

– Hannah Joyce