Corporate Holistic & Wellbeing Packages 2020

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Corporate Holistic & Wellbeing Packages 2020

At Healing Matters IOM, I offer a holistic natural health & wellbeing approach for individuals, groups and companies using the latest in energy psychology modalities in the strictest confidence in person and online to local and international clients.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is based on the best of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acupressure and Hypnosis.  EFT is used in improving and developing people. attitude and behaviour development, resolving personal problems, phobias and reducing stress, anxiety and negative patterns.

As part of the packages available I train attendees in techniques which they can use on a daily basis as required to help them in difficult situations or to gain focus and understanding.

Along with the above techniques, various tools may be introduced such as the unique Energy Healing Flowers, drums, chimes and colours which are proven to resonate with our subconscious on different levels and to further promote their wellbeing.

To find out more about what we offer you can request a Corporate Demonstration and Presentation by contacting me at or booking a discovery chat at

Corporate Wellbeing Presentation (1 hour)

A 1-hour demonstration and discussion in your workplace, on how Healing Matters IOM can help you improve your business, staff and management’s wellbeing needs and meet your CPD requirements.

Introduction to Self-care and Holistic Wellbeing (2 hours)
This talk is available as a stand-alone talk or part of the four seasons and annual full package. Includes a talk, slides and interactive demonstrations of how taking some time out for you each day can improve your lifestyle and wellbeing naturally.

HR / Wellbeing Assistance
A private one to one session available in your workplace for up to 2 hours per person.
If you have a member of staff or management who may require specific help because of bullying, abuse, bereavement, or any other situation then I can provide a strictly private and confidential treatment to help them. This is usually bookable within 5 working days and will be held in your office during standard working hours.

Annual Package
Delivered as 12 monthly sessions. 4 hours per session including breaks where needed.  (50 hours).

To help meet your CPD requirements the seasonal package includes the Introduction to  Self-care talk all materials required, plus up to any four subjects of your choice from  the Four Seasons list, available on request. Each season is based around a theme as follows.

Four Seasons Package
Delivered as 4 quarterly programmes. 4 hours per programme (18 hours).
To help meet your CPD requirements the seasonal package includes the Introduction to self-care talk all materials required, plus up to any four of the following subjects. All four programmes can be selected from just one season or any combination of the seasons.

Spring – New beginnings

Summer – Growth

Autumn – Release

Winter – Rest and restore

If you have any specific requirements that are not listed above, please contact me to discuss and plan a programme to meet your needs.

As we are moving through transformational times, additional relevant workshops and courses will be advertised via my social media pages.

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