At Healing Matters IOM, I have developed a modality called Energy Healing Flowers which combines Flower Psychometry with floriography, intuition, spirituality and empathy.

Ancient civilisations including the Vedas and Chinese have used nature as part of their healing for thousands of years and in fact some of the most effective medicines are made up with plant elements. Along with live flowers and plants I use a collection of over 30 beautifully coloured and textured silk flowers
The Energy Healing Flowers method compliments other modalities I practise including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and outlined below.

We are all made up of energy and part of nature on our beautiful planet.  Colours are also part of nature. How boring would the world be if everything was black and white.

Colour resonates with our subconscious on many levels and is deep rooted in our culture and understanding. E.g. many see red as danger, white as pure and black as mysterious.

Textures and shapes also resonate with your subconscious. Something soft and fluffy is more welcoming than a hard-pointed spike.

Energy Healing Flowers With EFT
EFT is an effective way of releasing negative emotions, trauma, learned behaviours and transforming beliefs.

There are many different reasons why you are unable to tune into the feelings in your body. I have found using Energy Healing Flowers effective when working with clients who are highly medicated for medical reasons or deeply traumatised and may feel numb when they try to feel their emotions


Tapping Free Emotional Release
In this emotional release process, you will select a range of flowers, crystals and or colours in answer to questions I ask you.  From your selection, using my training, intuition, colour and flower knowledge I will give you a deeper reading and guidance through the next steps to the point where you release your emotions.

Energy Healing Flower Tapping
This method can be used to assist in reducing the intensity of the overall situation.
when you are not ready to revisit the trauma

Some of my clients have used this new modality I have created prior to using Matrix Reimprinting to help them reduce the intensity of the trauma and go deeper to clear any remaining beliefs that may be lurking in the corners of the memory.

With Reiki
The vibrational qualities of fresh flowers and plants can enhance energy flow during Reiki treatment very much like crystals.
Care must be used with some flowers and plants and some health issues.

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Energy Healing Flower Readings
Private 1 to 1 reading
Many people have experienced tarot and angel card readings for entertainment, and some may use them for guidance and comfort too.

Using the Energy Healing Flowers, I offer private one to one reading by asking specific questions from which you select flowers. I then read the flowers by tuning into your energies and using intuition and spiritual guidance.

Energy Flower Readings – Party Time
Invite up to 5 of your friends to gather with you online for a fun filled reading party.
So, pour a glass of your favourite drink and connect with your friends and family across the miles.

You will each have your own reading and may even be able to take something from your friends reading too. A great way to celebrate a birthday together without leaving home.
Home parties will be available on request in the coming months
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Connecting with Nature’s Therapeutic Energies

Flowers in nature

The most potent way to join with the healing energy of flowers is to physically be with them. Going into the wild and finding connection with nature is a healing experience that most humans can tap into quite easily.

Whether in a field or garden, flowers and trees offer the same benefits as flower essences. You can benefit from the vibration of a flowering plant or a tree just by sitting in its presence. By tuning into their growth habits, colours, and scents, we engage with the healing energy offered. This routine when practiced regularly is a source of spiritual growth and healing.

Each flower has its own frequency and meaning! So, pick or buy some flowers today and enjoy the beauty and frequency that they so naturally emanate. Flowers certainly bring in joy and upliftment, and you will begin to see more and more that everything is energy.

Flowers In Your Garden

Choose your personal plants and flowers

When choosing flowers go with your intuition, feelings and use your senses or sight and smell.

The power of flowers you pick will harmonise and balance your energy vibrations and assist in reducing a state of dis-ease and negative emotions.

When you instinctively pick flowers, you are being guided on a subconscious level to their colour, texture and form and your emotions may draw you to the flowers needed to heal you at that time. So, on 2 different days you may be drawn to 2 different flowers, however, they will all reflect your unique soul print and the beauty of nature.


Planting your own Healing Garden with Healing Matters IOM

Visit your local garden centre or nursery and choose flowers that make you feel good when you look at them and/or smell them.
Just imagine your garden, bed or border planted with an array of healing flowers and plants that resonate and vibrate with your own personal mental and emotional health and wellbeing needs.
Contact me to find out how I can assist you in selecting the flowers and plants suitable for your soul and your garden and bringing this to a reality for you.